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Thank you for your visit to our welding website where you can find welding instructional videos that can help you easily learn to weld. My name is Michael Treadway and in 2008 I built a welding course that teaches pipe welding and plate welding. All the welding I have done so far has been focused upon the most common type of welding, which is carbon steel welding. This is also known as black iron welding.


On this site you will find quite a bit of information on welding tips and tricks that I have learned over the years as well as welding knowledge from other sources too. I recorded a welding video series from 4 areas of common welding practices that revolve around: TIG welding, MIG welding, Uphill Stick welding, and Downhill Stick welding. All of these videos are done on carbon pipe. As you will see from the many videos you can watch on this site and the products I offer, I have put a lot of work into trying to help people learn how to weld online or even weld from home. I have done in position welding like the 6G and 5G helping people to prepare for welding tests. Some of the downhill welding series along with the MIG series was performed on a roll out wheel a common practice in welding shop fabrications and oilfield pipe work. I have written two short eBooks on basics of welding and TIG welding along with numerous articles.

Along with the pipe welding teaching I also recorded a 3 part plate welding series as stated before. The positions for the plate welds are: Overhead, Horizontal, and Vertical. All of the footage is filmed in position.

Some of the methods I use are conventional and some are not. This is where the welding tips and tricks comes in. I built this with the idea of saving people time and money in wanting to learn how to weld.

Sign up for my monthly newsletter if you haven't already. Watch the free welding videos on my videos page or purchase the entire sets of the welding home study course. I handle all support personally on this site. Feel free to call me or shoot me an email and I will be glad to help you or point you in the right direction if I can.
God bless and thanks for stopping by.

M.D. Treadway